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4 Tips to Help Avoid the Need for Denture Repairs

With proper care, your dentures should serve you comfortably and look great for five to seven years. All you need to do is maintain a simple daily routine to keep your dentures looking and feeling their best. To help avoid the need for denture repairs in Edmonton, some tips to take into consideration include:

  1. Be careful how you handle them. Dentures can easily break if you drop them in the sink. Be sure you have a firm grip when cleaning.
  2. Clean your dentures regularly. Rinse your dentures thoroughly in warm water after each meal and brush them at least twice a day to remove plaque. However, do not use a regular toothbrush and toothpaste as they can leave microscopic scratches in your dentures where plaque could build up. Just use warm water and brush gently with a soft-bristle denture brush. Also be careful not to bend any metal components when cleaning. While ultrasonic cleaners work well, you should still brush your dentures thoroughly daily to ensure the most effective clean.
  3. Keep them moist. To give your gums a rest, remove your dentures when you go to bed and soak them in water overnight. If you do use a cleaning solution and your dentures have metal parts, consult with your Denturist as some cleaning solutions could tarnish the metal. Also never use bleach, vinegar or harsh soap as they could irreversibly damage your dentures. You should also avoid letting your dentures dry out as they could lose their shape.
  4. Visit your Denturist regularly. A regular visit to your Denturist will help catch any problems with your dentures early before they become a potentially more serious issue that requires a denture repair in Edmonton. During these visits, be sure to let your Denturist know of any discomfort or changes in how your dentures work. A small adjustment may be all that’s required.