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Never Be Without Teeth

When the complete extraction of your remaining teeth becomes unavoidable, an immediate denture is the solution.

This process will help you avoid the embarrassment of being without teeth for a long period of time. Our Denturists will initiate this procedure before your teeth are extracted by making impressions of your existing teeth and gums prior to the surgery.


A Lasting Impression

We use these impressions as working models for the construction of your new dentures. We are able to take your existing bite and redesign your new smile, through a careful tooth selection process, and using the natural contours of your mouth to find your perfect fit.


Take Back Your Oral Health

At your extraction appointment, we will insert your immediate dentures as soon as your original teeth are pulled, thus sparing you the embarrassment of having no teeth during your healing period.

To discuss your denture options with us, contact Bonnie Doon Denture Clinic today.