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Why You Should Consider Getting Dentures in Edmonton to Replace Missing Teeth

Denturists and dentists are often asked if dentures are a good solution for missing teeth and the answer is almost always an unequivocal yes.

Here are 5 points to think about when considering dentures in Edmonton:

  1. Self-confidence. Missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment; especially if they are visible front teeth. Being self-conscious about smiling can make social and work interactions uncomfortable and even humiliating. Getting fitted with good-quality dentures in Edmonton can allow the wearer to regain confidence and joy when interacting with others. It also allows them to enjoy foods that they would normally not eat with missing teeth.
  2. Comfort. Well-fitted dentures in Edmonton are comfortable. In fact, most people who wear dentures forget they even have them in place. Today’s dentures are not like those worn by past generations. When a patient gets fitted for dentures, an important step is getting an impression of the gums. This allows the Denturist to fabricate a set of dentures that fit the gum contour and jaw perfectly. The dentures then hold in place with natural suction to the gums and cause no irritation. Adhesive is often unnecessary.
  3. Health. If the spaces created by missing teeth are left empty, teeth that are adjacent to and opposite the empty spaces may shift to compensate. This may cause issues and discomfort with a person’s bite and jaw. The best way to ensure other teeth don’t shift to compensate for missing teeth is to get fitted with dentures.
  4. Several options available. Denturists are a wealth of knowledge on the different options available when it comes to dentures in Edmonton. There are different factors to consider, including the condition of the remaining natural teeth, gum health and cost. The different types of dentures include partial dentures to replace one or more teeth, full dentures, temporary immediate dentures and implant retained dentures. Regardless of the option selected, dentures are a simple pain-free alternative to the discomfort and embarrassment of missing teeth.
  5. Implant retained dentures. A special mention should be made of implants. As a relatively new advance in the field of dentistry, implant-retained dentures are the option of choice for many people with missing teeth. Though usually more costly than other dentures options, they offer unparalleled convenience, comfort, appearance and health benefits.